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Created 4-Mar-15
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Secret Lives and Alter Egos explores the idea that each of us harbors a desire to live a different life, have a different identity, or dream about an exciting career that we could have had, or might still be within reach. My project samples people from a variety of demographics. I have them imagine what their ideal life would be like if they could live a different lifestyle, have a new career or reveal a secret fantasy. Each participant was courageous enough to expressively share their inner reflections about who they might want to be if they had the opportunity. Some actually live out their alter egos while many of us just fantasize about the lost opportunities, or fantastical futures that may never happen, all tucked away in our inner subconscious existing only as a secret and imaginative fantasy.
I created two images for each participant. The first image is shot as a formal environmental workplace photo conveying the idea of status quo of the individual. It is not a glamour shot, but a natural portrait providing a contrast for the second image, depicting the individual in their secret or fantasy setting. I looked for subject matter along the lines of whatever the individual was willing to provide, whether it’s an occupational dream or even something fantastical and ridiculous. This process would require some inventive thinking for the participant and creative illusion for my part. Because of the nature of the visualized reality, I too had to manipulate reality and incorporate the modern marvel of digital editing software. Perhaps this is my alter ego or secret reality. By peeking into the private worlds of others and making it my vision, it affords me the opportunity to be both artist and voyeur.

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