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I am an artist who enjoys experimenting with a vast array of digital and material elements to create unique and fascinating images. I have been devoted to painting these past few years, but am not a stranger to using charcoal, graphite and ink as an illustrator. I have also worked with ceramics, screen printing and use a variety of resources to create three dimensional designs and sculptures.   I am interested in merging the world of digital imagery with traditional art and any other media that can contribute in the creation of my vision. I am inspired and motivated by all venues of art and artists and continue to use my vast knowledge of photography as an inspiration and resource for creativity.   Some of my work can be easily interpreted while others cannot be defined or explained. I specialize in all areas of photography, and am proficient in using image editing and compositing software to create digital media.  Other endeavors include creating vector art, graphics, and publication design and layout. I am also experienced in video production and editing and have created videos with a wide variety of subject matter and am venturing into incorporating videos into installation projects. I completed a rewarding career as a Mass Communication Specialist in the U.S. Navy practicing specialized photography, video production, public relations, and worked as a photography instructor and photo editor for a military newspaper. I have also worked as a freelance portrait, commercial and corporate photographer in addition to being a digital and graphic designer. I recently completed my BFA in Pictorial Arts at San Jose State University and am exploring my next creative venture.

-Timothy Shawn McCaffrey-